J. Laux Perren


Duclerc Press is proud to present our newest author. J. Laux "Jay" Perren brings a fresh voice to erotic and romantic fiction. She is unafraid to push the conventional bounds and new realms with her readers.

J. Laux Perren was born in Toulouse, France.  She immigrated with her parents to the United States before her school years and still resides in New York City – a metropolitan city she truly enjoys.  She became a naturalized U.S. Citizen when both here parents were naturalized.  J. Laux spent all of her school years in the city and proudly graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She is fascinated by the human condition and experience.  Jay has begun graduate studies in sociosexual science  and specifically the application of law in the field, as it affects human sexuality.





My second published book -- Libidinous Variations - Chillaxin' -- has been published.  Once again, my  unbounded gratitude must go to the editor-in-chief at Duclerc Press for his continuing support and encouragement.  I continue my  work on follow-on volumes as well as several other projects.  If any reader or fan would like to contribute their experience, please use the contact form to share with me.






My first published book -- Libidinous Variations -- has finally been published.  Yay!   I owe considerable gratitude to the editor-in-chief at Duclerc Press for his willingness to take a risk on a young writer.  I shall do my best to repay that trust.  I am working on follow-on volumes as well as several other projects.


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